Reservations, cancellations and fees

Last revised: March 20, 2017


Street parking

Renters are responsible for the safe and legal parking of a rental vehicle during the rental period, and to return the vehicle to a safe and legal parking spot where it will not be subject to ticketing or towing for a period of 24 hours after the end of a trip.

Any tickets or towing charges incurred during the trip, or within 24 hours after the end of the trip as a result of the parking, will be the responsibility of the renter.

Extending your reservations

Once a trip has been booked, a renter may request any extension through the regular trip extension process on the website (might be unavailable) or by phone.

The total trip cost will be recalculated to account for the extension and will include any applicable weekly or monthly discounts.

We do not offer hourly pricing.

The renter will be unable to book a trip extension if there are insufficient funds, or another renter has booked the vehicle. If a trip is not extended and the vehicle is kept beyond the scheduled trip end time, then any protection purchased may be voided for any damage that occurs to the vehicle, and the renter will be subject to significant late fees.

Late return policy

Please be considerate and return the car on time, and if there is any chance the return might be late, the renter should contact Envy immediately to request an extension. If an extension can’t be booked (whether because the car is unavailable, there are insufficient funds, or otherwise), the renter must return the car at the originally scheduled end time.

Late fees are described on our fees and fines section, and begin the minute that the car is late. They are billed in increments of an 24 hours (i.e., if the car is 1 hour late, the renter is responsible for the whole day rent fee). In the event of very substantial lateness without extension, additional fines may be assessed.


Mileage is unlimited for all cars.

Office hours

We have Envy representatives ready to answer your phone call seven days a week, from 8 am to 7 pm Hawaiian time.

We also are available by e-mail outside of these hours, and strive to respond to your e-mails within one business day, and usually much faster.

Gas Policy

Guests are responsible for replacing any gas used during the rental, using the appropriate fuel (i.e., regular, premium, or diesel).

If a car has less gas at the trip end than it did at the start of the trip Envy will charge 100% of the gas fee.

Guests should keep gas receipts for at least 5 days in case there is any dispute.

If Envy doesn’t provide the car as booked

Envy alerts the renters before the start of the trip and suggest the substitute car. If the renter doesn’t want to accept the new car he must notify Envy before the start of the trip and cancel the trip. It will give the renter a complete refund. Otherwise the car change is considered as confirmed.

Cancellation policy

Last revised: February 10, 2016

Renters may cancel their trip through our website (might be unavailable) or by phone, and the cancellation is effective immediately. The total amount refunded will depend on when the renter cancels the trip.

There are no credits/refunds issued for early returns.

Trip price & trip fee:

Time of cancellationTrip price refunded
More than 24 hours100%
Less than 24 hours but before trip startedAll except one day
After trip startsAll unused days except one day.

Renter fees and fines

Last revised: March 20, 2017

Fees & finesCharge to Renter
Late Return Fee$50 + cost of extension on 24-hour basis
Late Payment Fee$500 if payment is not received within 3 days after the start of a trip
Gas FeeCost to replace gas not refilled
Toll FeeCost of toll (including governmental charges) + $10
Ticket FeeCost of ticket (including governmental charges) + $25
Pet or Smoking Fee$500