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This was the greatest car rental experience ever!

So worth the short walk from the cruise ship pier!

Customer service was excellent! Going to tell everyone we can about Envy Rent!

LaVerne, thank you ❤️ 🛳️ 🏝️

At first,

you’re skeptical with Envy’s low prices

It’s a company you haven’t really heard about. You’re used to the big box companies like Hertz or Enterprise. 〈…〉

The most amazing part about the entire experience is the customer service you receive while on the island. They drop the car off to YOU and pick up from you at your hotel. Shawn met us at our hotel lobby 15 minutes before scheduled drop off time. He was extremely friendly, personable and answered all our questions. 〈…〉

I would 150% recommend everyone to Envy. It is the most positive experience I’ve ever had with a car rental company. They offer world class customer service.

The experience with Envy Rent was

more like borrowing a car from a friend than the usual rental car apprehensions

Easy online booking, friendly and reassuring communication throughout, excellent car choices with unbeatable rates, and uncomplicated service. Exploring the beaches of Oahu with a convertible was the highlight of our trip. Outstanding. Mahalo.

Mahalo, Rick 😍

These guys are so easy to deal with.

A great range of cars and cheaper than the major rental companies

Best in Oahu.

We rented one of their convertibles to cruise around Oahu.

Easiest car rental I’ve dealt with in a long time!!

Very courteous, professional and great communication via text and emails. Will definitely rent from them again next time.

Easy to book, perfect car for a perfect prize

Volvo S60 T5 is a recommender

These guys are awesome!! Made renting a car so easy.

The best part is the car u see is the car u get

Thank you, Renee! We are glad we help Australians enjoying legendary muscle cars with V8 engine 🏎️

Excellent service! Quick and simple, very available and gentle staff, price really honest, cars are super clean! I’ll rent again for sure! Thank you so much Envy!!

Catherine, waiting for you next year! 🍍

Rent Envy was the best rental car experience I have had.

They do not charge the extra fees that the mainstream companies do

Like $65 per additional driver and an under 25 year old fee. They do not try an up sale you when you arrive.

But the biggest advantage is no rental car booth lines. Once you get to the airport you just walk to the parking lot and drive away. When you drop the car off you just drive to the airport and park it where you picked it up. On our way back we drove past the suckers waiting in line for their cars. The line was 4 deep.

Rent Envy allowed us to bring the car back later than the same time we picked up on our return day with no charge. For example you pick it up on 3/24 at 2 pm and drop it off 3/25 at 4 pm you would have to pay for 2 days instead of 1 with the other companies.

And best of all they are cheaper for higher quality cars that the other companies. We rented a 2016 BMW X3 35I. They respond very quickly with the chat feature on the website.

Better than other rental avenues in every way — price, service, ease of use — you name it. Quality cars (lots of Volvos). Rates are significantly lower.

No charge for additional drivers — I added two onto the agreement

The website is clear and informative, emailing with service people was easy and pleasant. I am happy to recommend this company.

I rented a car for three days and the drop-off and pick-up was so convenient. The people were punctual and friendly. The staff was so nice and easy to contact.

They were willing to work with my last minute schedule changes which were hugely helpful

The car was in very good condition. I would recommend this to anyone in need of renting a car!

Caitlin, we are happy we could accommodate your last minute request! See you soon! 🍺

2nd time to hawaii, on the first

I rented through Hertz. It was a nightmare. had to catch a cab to the airport to rent a car

This time was different we rented awesome BMW 5 series and the service was fantastic not to mention the fantastic price. Thanks Envy!!

Excellence! Rented a convertible (Volvo C70) for a great deal, especially compared to the giants like Enterprise etc.

Great experience; no hassle and extremely helpful support!

Toward the end, they offered me an extension at a discounted price and I just emailed them that I wanted to extend and it was done. If I need a car in Hawaii in the future I won’t even bother looking at the competitors!

Awesome rental experience! They were so so nice and accommodating. Would definitely rent from them again!

They met us at the hotel and got us set up with an awesome car

Fun day touring the island.

First time write a review! Envy rental made our Hawaii trip so easy.

Pick up the car from the airport with child seat which means we don’t need to looking for a shuttle

The vehicle is in very good condition and got everything we need (in car gps, that is so good).

Return is hassle free too, They just come to our place pick it up. How awesome is that? Planning rental again to look around the island and get us back to the airport. Highly recommend to everyone.

I really enjoyed the Volvo S60.

Very good service and convenient when they dropped car at the hotel and I dropped back at the airport

Definitely, I will come back and really recommend to friends and my family. As I reviewed on yelp it’s true that no hassle waiting in line and excellent services.

Thank you, Julia! Will be happy to serve your friends! Have a safe flight ✈️

I thought ENVY car rental was great! Especially since

it was so close to our cruise ship

But also the guys were great even though it was early on sunday morning and the Volvo dealership was closed. The car I rented online had a quite a few miles on it, which was ok, but when I got there it was gone and I got lucky and got a car that was like brand new. A very nice Volvo with a lot of bells & whistles. Thanks Envy!

That's great, Tom! Even if you are here from the ship 🛳️ only for one day, it's worth cruising around in the car 🏝️

The Overall Experience: An amazing rental car experience that made the trip that much more enjoyable. I was hesitant at first, the easy process and low prices seemed too good to be true. [...] It really makes you second guess

why Alamo, or Hertz is charging 4 times the rate for a worse car, and makes you spend hours in lines

filling out paperwork, only to tell you the car you reserved is nothing like what you will receive. [...] Our family members were furious they didn't rent with you! For the same price as us, they got a base corolla, with tons of scratches, and a wait of an hour, plus the hassle of having to take an offsite shuttle...

Great, seamless car rental. No more lining up at car hire counters for me!! Good communication, car delivered cordially and on time.

I am considering buying this model of car so 

it was great to have one for a few days to do a real-time test drive

I have already recommended Envy to friends.

Thank you from New Zealand!

Great service, would recommend to anyone looking for hassle free car rental

Loved my rental experience.

The car was exactly what expected

and I was able to pick up and drop off the vehicle without problems or time constraints.

Unfortunately we haven’t made any booking and just walked in. Most of the cars were already booked and was a bit difficult to find a car but

the staff did their best and we got almost brand new Volvo V60 cross country

for the best price between the rental companies... we are more than satisfied and we highly recommend this company.....

Amazing to deal with!

Being from Australia it was a dream to drive an American muscle car!

We rented the dodge charger to drive all the way up the coast and back beautiful drive in a great car!

We also rented a nice Volvo on really short notice by walking in, very helpful staff considering how busy they are!

The two gentlemen very friendly nothing was to much trouble.

Way better than a lot of the other company’s pricing considering you get to drive luxury/sports vehicle’s.

Mahalo envy and your team!

Josh, Tasmania, Australia

This was my first trip to Hawaii from Australia and we wanted a car to drive up to the North Shore for the day. The major hire companies were ridiculously priced and then I found Envy. Their online chat was brilliant and in 5 mins the car was booked and confirmation email received. We had a minor issue when the car we wanted wasn't available but Envy phoned me, explained the situation and offered a free upgrade to a lovely Rangerover with a sunroof. The pick up and drop off couldn't have been easier.

By far the best car rental I've ever had

WOW! This is bar none the BEST most honest car rental company we have ever used! The customer service was AMAZING! I am not an easy person to deal with at times and these people were able to make even me happy!

[...] Well I got so lost trying to find their building couldn’t find it and I was upset as we were dealing with the death of a family member (the reason for our trip) and I was crying and the Envy representative said park and tell me where you are and I will come find you and bring you the car. Well within ten minutes I was driving away with the new rental and they were apologizing to me! Businesses just don’t do that these days!

A truly honest, helpful, human car rental company. The only issue with Envy is that they do not have other offices on other islands!!!

Seriously Hertz, Budget, and Enterprise could learn a thing or two from Envy Car Rental!

Great selection of cars at unreal rates

Check 'em out! Trucks, SUVs, Sedans you name it, Envy has got it!

It’s really nice that we can just chat with them on the website and be able to ask questions

And all the emails for my reservation were replied within timely manner, very satisfied with the efficiency!

Though we were a bit confused when we got to the pickup location because the office wasn’t very recognizable. I don’t know if it was us that didn’t know how to control the AC in the car or was it the cars problem, the AC wasn’t working very well. Other than that, everything else was perfect!

The best of car rentals that I have came across

they were able to accommodate all our needs

5 for value, 4 for the overall of our initial impression as we had to pick up the vehicle when we had arranged to have it dropped off

These things happen of course and we were notified right away that it could not be dropped off at the designated time, very happy with the way it was dealt with. Would definitely hire again.

Seamless experience at an incredibly reasonable price

William, we are happy you liked our service 😻

The easiest experience I’ve ever had with a rental car company

The car was perfect and my expectations were exceeded.

Everything went fast, very friendly people

I would always recommend this company :)

Thank you, Katharina! 🌈 🍍 🍍

Nice experience in Hawaii! Pretty good stuff and nice car condition!

I was somewhat skeptic about renting from Envy as I had never heard of them before but so glad I decided to try it out! Easiest car rental experience ever!

Being under 25, I was seeing crazy prices for rentals at the other rental places ($100+/ day for compacts). Envy was able to set me up with a BMW Z4 convertible for $86 including taxes and insurance and with unlimited mileage!

The best part was walking by the huge line ups at Discount and Alamo and just walking into the dealership to pick up our car!

We will definitely be renting from you again, thank you!

My girlfriend and I rented a car for our mini-vacation to Honolulu a week or so ago. There was an initial miscommunication in the email process before the trip (our fault, 100%), but everything after that was incredible. The customer service that we were shown is something that is, unfortunately, rare these days. It’s clear that the Envy team cares about their customers.

We chose to pick the car up ourselves at the airport, and that process is so easy, as is the process of dropping the car back off at the airport when you’re departing the island.

HIGHLY recommended. We’ll be returning to Honolulu in September, bringing the family along with us, and there’s no doubt that we’ll be renting a few cars for that stay.

Envy, you have new loyal customers in us

Thank you for everything.

Thank you, Aaron! Waiting for your family 👪

it is really an amazing experience! I am planning to rent again!

Great experience. Tried Tesla S60 for a day and was impressed by it. Navigation system with the Internet connection and Google Maps made it really easy to drive around O’ahu. You can recharge the car at their service or at shopping malls, but usually all chargers there are busy. Also electric cars get to park for free on the street in Hawaii. If you want to rent a sports/luxury car this is the rental with cheapest prices.

Book over the Internet as the have free delivery too. I went there in person and had to wait for the car to arrive so avoid this and get the car delivered to your hotel. Also

as a foreign citizen, other car rentals were selling me 40+ USD insurance while at Envy Rent it costs 24 USD

Even if you ignore this their base price is cheaper then at other rentals.

Omg hands down the best car rental experience EVER!

Drove 1 of only 2 cars on the island.

Cheers ENVY!

The rental process is remarkably easy! And the service they provide is even better!

I have rented multiple times through Envy Rent

and each car has been clean, reliable, and got me to every point of the island each day I had it. 10/10 would recommend!


Overall I’d highly recommend booking with Envy if you want a car that’s a bit different to the standard econo-box available from the big rental companies. Both cars were off the charts performance-wise and, as a bonus, they’re much cheaper to rent too.

$100+ a day for a base-model Mustang convertible from Alamo/Budget/Thrifty or around $90 for a twin-turbo V6 BMW?

I know which one I’d choose.

Overall GREAT experience!! I was so

used to renting from Enterprise and Turo but Envy tops them both

I had the pleasure of renting the Audi S5, you would think it would be really expensive like other rental places but Envy had reasonable prices. I would highly recommend them

Amazing experience. I have traveled and rented cars a lot in my lifetime and no experience was as pleasant as this one. I had some concerns up front about my original rental (nothing to do with the car, just my comfort level driving that specific model) and envy was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way. Car was exactly where I needed it to be, clean, and fulfilled all my needs

Dropping it off was a breeze and made our trip that much more pleasurable

I would happily rent from ENVY again in a heartbeat!

I needed a car for an indeterminate amount of time, so what to do? Try Avis, Hertz and the rest of the normal rental car companies with their inconvenient locations and inflexible policies or look for something new.

A rental car company centered around me, my schedule, my availability AND ONE THAT WOULD GLADLY DELIVER THE CAR TO ME! And not just any car, but one that was a cut above the normal Nissan Altima.

Please don’t rent from anyone else when you are in Hawaii.

Envy Rent is so easy to use, very convenient, extremely pleasant and a great use of technology

to make car renting a wonderful experience for a busy executive

A HUGE THANK YOU to Envy Rentals Honolulu! We rented a car for 10 days while on the island and although we were only given a 7 seater when we arrived it was rectified

within one phone call to Envy and we were off in our 8 seater in no time

Easy pick up from the airport and we cruised home so we dropped back to office, so so easy, thanks again, will definitely use Envy for our next visit, Highly recommend.

Thank you Leann, we are happy we could find an 8-seater for you!

Thanks you so much Envy Rental! No hidden fees, employees are always there to answer your questions

We rented a Volvo Dark Blue 4 door and it was fantastic

It was a great deal $554 for 10 days during the week of Christmas. Eddie was very helpful and kind. Best deal on the island! I will rent again.

Cheap & Easy

Economico e Semplice

Dovrebbero migliorare la pulizia per-noleggio

Letizia, we can't quite understand your review, but hope you liked our service :-)

We were hesitant to rent a car from Envy as 

it seemed too good to be true

, but we went for it anyway and we so glad that we did! They delivered the car to our hotel and picked it up earlier than we had planned with very little notice. The process was fast, easy, and inexpensive for a sweet convertible! Will definitely use again, and would recommend them to anyone needing to rent a car on Oahu.

Thank you Koryn! We are happy that we could accommodate your response quickly 🌈

Our rental experience with Envy over the Christmas holiday could not have been better. The car was exactly what we reserved online and

avoiding the long rental lines and shuttles at the airport

is a definite perk. Customer service was first rate. We will definitely use again when we return to Hawaii!

Envy went above and beyond to make our honeymoon in Hawaii that much more special! We rented a Volvo Convertible, they were on time for drop off, and super awesome to deal with. There was zero hassle, and the car was perfect! It was clean, in great condition, and very fun.

We usually go with a more recognized brand name

for car rentals, but after giving envy a shot, we were thoroughly impressed!

Very easy and flexible service

You Don’t have to be afraid of additional fees what other companies are trying to add

Excellent service

Pickup and drop off were pretty much on time without any trouble

Fast response on email regarding any questions or reservation changes. Highly recommended!!

Thank you, Jesi! Merry Christmas! 🎅

Envy delivered the car to the airport and picked it up at the airport for no additional fee. They also reimbursed us the parking fee from the airport. I found out that Envy can get you almost ANY type of vehicle you desire.

Nika was wonderful to work with, patient, and took care of our every need.

Save yourself some time, effort, and money and rent through Envy. You will NOT regret doing so

Fantastic value and great customer service.

Highly recommend and I am an Avis account holder

The customer service, pricing, and vehicle quality were excellent

We could not have been happier with our rental experience.

We are happy that you liked our service, Eleanor!

We rented 2 different cars over the course of a month while staying in 2 separate places on Oahu and had a wonderful experience. I loved being able to pick the exact cars that we wanted.


no nonsense with 6 different insurance add-ons

either, use your own car insurance (which usually covers rental cars) or opt for their simple inclusive rental policy for a few bucks extra per day. No pushy salesperson telling you the world is gonna end if you don’t buy the policy.

My favorite car rental is 2016 Lexus RC-F I rented while in Oahu. Such a beast of a car and a pleasure to rip around the island roads. I’m thinking of just flying out to Hawaii again for a few days from Australia just to rent a few more performance cars to take around the island and explore the beaches again. I also hired an Audi RS5 and a CLA 45 AMG.

Amazing service and some

awesome cars on their roster for very cheap prices and insurance

So glad I went with Envy over the other shady car rental places in Waikiki

Fantastic pricing and really friendly staff. Would absolutely recommend based on my experience. No young renters fee either!!!

I would 100% rent from Envy rental again and recommend it to anyone. Great friendly service with easy communication,

the car selection, and prices are amazing

They did not charge a young renter surcharge which is really rare for rental companies. The cars are maintained immaculately. Had an awesome day with the Challenger they gave me. Cheers Envy will be back next time!

Also, and I’m just throwing this out there, but I am flying in from Alaska and if for some reason you guys want to upgrade me to that Volvo XC90 Hybrid I would be willing

to bring you all a box of fresh Alaska Red Salmon

delivered directly to your office...

Christopher T. via email

Christopher, that's the most unusual offer we ever got :-)

To be honest,

I was a bit of a skeptic

to start with as this company isn't a popular, main steam car rental company like hertz, etc. But we could not fault our experience with envy rent.

Quality car, spotless condition, great price. They dropped off and picked up the 2016 Dodge Ram at our hotel, which was great as we were still getting our bearing in Waikiki. Would definitely recommend Envy rent.

I like treating all the businesses that I plan to use on an ongoing basis with the respect that I would expect from my clients. This is the only way I know how to create long lasting relationships with the businesses I choose to do business with. I would like to give a big thank you to the entire Envy rental team for making my journey to Hawaii a lasting memory and I look forward to more trips on the island.

Tony L. via email

We share your approach to business!

It was the first time that tried Envy and I loved it. Everything was smooth and

where else can you rent a Cadillac XTS for that price!

I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends.

Chikara O. via email

Envy is an excellent car rental business! It was excellent customer service great car and

so helpful with dropping the car off at our hotel and then the airport

It’s by far one of the easiest services I have ever used. I will always use envy when traveling to Waikiki! For anyone questioning who to use go with envy car rental!

Great customer service and a great car

I will definitely be using Envy for my next rental car in Honolulu.

Thank you very much for allowing me to rent from your company and I can promise you

I will not be renting a vehicle from any other company

Noel T. via email

Rented a Dodge Challenger for a great price with drop off and pick up of the car

Great service and great company. Would definitely rent from them again.

Instructions were super clear on where we are supposed to go and how to identify our car. The prices were also really good one of the lowest I would say compared to big boys. Since we had a party of 5 we needed a big car and they helped us find one. Car was super neat and really in fantastic condition. Customer service chat team was also really good and helpful. I will definitely recommend to everyone. You should have more mid size SUVs in your inventory.

Thank you, Pradeepan, we will try to have list more SUVs

Envy rent is better than all the other rental companies hands down, they have

the best cars, cheapest prices, and the service was fantastic

They will deliver and pick up the car for you so you don’t have to try and get to the car. Do yourself a favor and rent a car from Envy rent today, they are the best.

The experience was great. Flexible, easy to work with and easy to communicate.

The car was also clean and a blast to drive

Awesome customer support and service. Great deals for very good cars. The pick up and drop off worked very well, fast and easy! The communication is perfect, when there is a problem or something wrong they will help you and respond quickly.

We rent 3 different cars already and never had a problem

We would definitely do it again.

Wonderful service. Wonderful cars and easy communication.

They did not charge a young renter fee

and insurance was the reasonable price. I 100% recommend these guys, I had a wonderful time with the Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger SRT8 is a true beast

Cheapest and coolest collections of cars to rent in all of Hawaii. They drop off and pick up the car for you.

No hassle, no long line

and definitely no regrets. Mahalo!

Never seen a car rental company which is so uncomplicated and easy like envy rent. The customer Support worked very well and they respond really quick. You also

don't have to worry about the miles

because there are no extra mileage fees so you can explore the whole Island! I will definitely do it again!

Great service highlight of the trip to hawaii renting the dodge challenger and seeing the northen beaches.

The North Shore is definitely must see in Hawaii

Envy was very

accommodating to our very last minute request to hire a car

We rocked up on the day and received the car within 30 minutes including all paper work done. Definitely, the best rate in Waikiki when we compared with the others we looked at. They were about ¹⁄₂ of the other rates. I definitely recommend envy to anyone looking to hire a car in Waikiki.

Luckily stumbled onto Envy at the last minute. Got to rent an awesome Corvette for about the same price as a standard full size and without any hassles at all. Service was great, they dropped the car right to us and we dropped it off at the airport on the way home. Beautiful car, spotlessly clean and

exactly what we saw on the website

Highly recommend Envy.

Chevrolet Corvette is a great sport car. Happy you liked it!

The pickup and drop off of the car were very efficient. I would definitely use envy rental again.

And kudos to you guys... Great service and very good (well taken care of) vehicles!!

It was my 

first time using you guys and will definitely come back!!

Sergio A. V. via SMS

This is a very pleasant car rental experience. The manager Shaun helped us on the last day. He estimated time correctly and get us to the airport at 7 in the morning. He is a good man.

Thank you very much for your assistance, I will be ordering rental services on your website.

Eleven via email

Thank you, Eleven! Have a safe flight back to China. See you soon!

Easy to book, perfect car for a perfect prize

Volvo s60 T5 is my recommendation

I wish they were everywhere I travel

For comparison — I tried Turo, with a less satisfactory experience. Envy has an equally expansive inventory, but at better prices, and without the hassle of going through private owners.

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful service. The drop-off and pick-ups were smooth, convenient and quick. The cars we used were exactly as described and your staff are very friendly and always pleasant to see.

You are also

very affordable compared to the rest

around the area and the website is so easy to use.

Ben Maxfield via emailX134 maxfield

Excellent service. Awesome car. We rented a Jeep Wrangler for a day in Oahu. Envy had excellent customer service and

accommodated all my requests to no additional charge

I picked up the car as promised at the Volvo dealer in Honolulu and left it there after I was done. When I had questions they were very quick to respond both by email and phone. Before, during and after the rental period. I will definitely use envy again.

This rental was wonderful and affordable

and I really enjoyed my experience. Thank you!!

Colton W. via chat

Great company fantastic service, very highly recommended. I hired the BMW Z4 and the Corvette Z06 and they both were fantastic especially the Corvette. Will use this company again without a doubt. Thank you very much Envy Rent!

Thank you, Pierre! You have good taste in cars ;-)

I really appreciate your customer’s service and i will be definitely renting with you guys again in the future, and also to make sure

I refer you guys to any of my friends

that are going to rent a car in Hawaii. Thank you again!

John V. in chat

Thank you, John! Waiting for your friends :-)

A car breaking should be a stressful moment. But when you have friends like envy.rent, you actually walk away with a smile. From the service, the selection, the prices and convenience, how else can I give this 6 stars. Wish the car kept breaking so I can always come back here! But I also understand that they have a revolving lease program with no credit check, no down payments, just pay every month and grab a car. Get bored of it? Get another car. This place is awesome and

hope to see them all over the mainland too!

What separates Envy from other rental agencies is the customer service! No hassle,

no cleaning fee, no overpriced insurance

I will definitely rent with them again when I return to Hawaii

We couldn’t have had a better experience with ENVY! The car we booked had a fault so they emailed us and offered us a free upgrade. The car was clean and the service was exceptional. Very easy to deal with. Also feel that you are dealing with humans and not a computer. Best thing of all they are the CHEAPEST!

Absolutely recommendable!

Easy and quick to communicate with online

and has exceptional customers service! Especially the guy who received out the car was over the top helpful. Thank you! I would undoubtedly rent from you again. And I will indeed recommend you to friends going to Oahu over Christmas!

Envy provide much better value for money than the other bigger rental companies. Dropped off and picked up from our hotel at no extra charge. Communication via email and chat was good and although phone calls were not answered, they responded to emails very quickly and were really helpful. We would definitely use them again next time we stay in Oahu.

Fantastic service and the great range of cars

best prices on the island

Drop off and pick up service is awesome!!!!

Easiest car rental we ever had

Great company and very accommodating staff. Made for a great vacation.

Was highly recommended by a family member and Envy did not disappoint! Very friendly and helpful staff, during our stay we rented 4 different cars for different occasions and all 4 were flawless! A+ for service and quality!

Thank you for all your help this morning. You have been

much more helpful than Enterprise were!

Tyler J. in chat

OK, I finally decided what I want—I will keep the Camaro til Saturday and then switch to the Tesla. Thx for your Support! I’m really happy with your Service!

Marc G. via email

Had a small mix up picking up the vehicle (my fault). I went to their office while the vehicle was at the airport,

they went to the airport and picked it up for me.

Envy made it easy to book a safe, reliable SUV for our family vacation. The car was great and the price was even better! Will definitely rent from them again!

Great service. Car and prices with the convenience of drop off and pick up. Highly recommend.

I’m Japanese. We were able to rent a cheap and cool car. The staff was also very kind. We want to use again!

ありがとう :-) We hope to see you soon on Oahu!

Aloha! It was such a great car to drive and I loved not looking like a tourist either. David is always so friendly and has always started my trip off with good vibes. Will recommend Envy to anyone going to Oahu and will use your again if I ever need a rental again. Mahalo!

Alicia V. via email

I was very happy to use Envy Rent for my trip in Honolulu even though I’m not good at speaking English.

Mr. Oshiro is a good employee who cares all about Fiat 500 when we returned. Very satisfied with service of Envy Rent. Thank you!

Customer service was great! They made it 

easy to book a vehicle for our family vacation!

The SUV we booked was great and the price was amazing! Will definitely rent from them again! Thanks so much :-)

The first business in years that gave

exactly what they advertised

They brought the car to my hotel, picked it up from me at the hotel with no additional fees. An absolute pleasure to work with these folks.

Congratulation for your company,

it’s a great concept!

I would recommend it to anyone who visits Oahu or any place you will move on.

Laurent P. via email

Very satisfied with the rent of a Camaro

during our stay at Hawaii. Excellent service and nice staff. Both via the „chat“ and the „delivery“.

Got the car delivered to Sheraton Waikiki and as well it was pick-up at the same place. Very smooth handling and quick.

+ Low price

+ Perfect Service

The vehicle was great and was cost effective, and also your friendly staff was always accessible through e-mails. To be honest, I am already

spreading the words that your system was great

to my friends.

Takeshi H. via email

Had an excellent day touring Oahu in a BMW M3 from Envy. The really easy ordering process and pick up and drop off from our hotel.

Highly recommend over getting the usual boring rental cars

It was good, nice car drives, smooth good price, thanks! Can’t wait to get the Boxster next week!

Valencia P. via email

And the Boxster can't wait for you :-)

Easy and convenient website. No hassle booking, great range of cars and prices. The 1st choice when we return! Thanks.

Awesome service, love they deliver the car and pickup at the end of the rental. When our first option we booked wasn’t available were quick to upgrade us to another car. Would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Excellent service, modern vehicles, friendly personnel. It was really easy and quick to book a vehicle. Affordable price for the full coverage insurance that the company offers you is also a plus.

Vladimir Lypchuk via emailX134 vladimir

It worked so well the first time,

we used them again

and the excellent service was no fluke. Tim dropped our car off early, showed us how to use all the gadgets and sent us on our way. I can’t recommend them enough.

Your staff are great and very helpful, prices are extremely competitive in fact, the best we could find. The drop off and pick up service is fantastic and the quality of both vehicles we rented was excellent.

Andy G. via email

Renting with Envy sums up to be 

the best customer service I’ve ever had

with a car rental company, EVER (and I’ve had many). Thank you Envy. I will definitely rent with you when I am in Hawaii!

Excellent rental company with great rates. Fantastic staff and super easy going. We will be rebooking again soon!

It was great! I am a customer for life!

Brynn R. via email

Thank you, Brynn! We are happy you liked our convertible and Hawaii :-)

Great customer service and great vehicle selection!

Wayyyy better than renting from big name agencies!

These guys take care! I highly recommend!

Rented the Camaro SS Convertible for a day, what a machine! This car was at least 1/2 the price of any other equivalent I saw in Hawaii! Mahalo guys! Wish you were available is Australia.

The car was just as the pictures showed

clean and in mint condition. I would recommend Envy to anyone wanting a great choice. 5 stars just don’t cut it!

The service was very friendly and courteous. Was a little hard to find the pick up point but the agent was good at giving directions over the phone. Would use again and will recommend to others coming to Hawaii.

You guys should definitely advertise more and keep up the good service!

Nicolaus B. via email

Thank you, Nicolaus! That what we have started to do!

I chose to rent with Envy because they don’t charge extra for people under 25 like the big name rental company’s do. Envy made everything very easy. Will definitely be renting with them again when I come back down.

Great selection, great pricing, great service. Very satisfied.

Great communication, quick service and easy process. The Nissan Pathfinder was clean and they also

provided me with a car seat for my daughter

Will use Envy next time I’m in Hawaii. Thanks!

Thank you very much for all your help.

I have rented with you twice

and the staff is really awesome. I loved the Volvo C70! No complaints at all and I highly recommend you guys!

Louie M. via email

Envy went above and beyond to make our honeymoon in Hawaii that much more special! There was zero hassle, and the car was perfect! We usually go with a more recognized brand name for car rentals, but after giving Envy a shot, we were thoroughly impressed!

Great service and ride! Very accommodating and so helpful that they can bring the car to you. We actually ended up renting from them twice in one trip because they made it so easy! Thanks again guys, we’ll be back soon!

The insurance through Envy is a single fee of $9 per day. So I got a Mazda 3

a lot cheaper than the smallest Chevrolet from Enterprise

Envy is a start up company who are working on being the best in the US for car rentals so try them out, you won’t be disappointed.

I got the car I booked on the website and it was delivered on time. On the last day of my vacation, I returned the car at the airport. Super easy and very convenient. I don’t usually write the reviews but this time I was very happy about my experience and I decided to make an exception.

You could not have been nicer to my wife and me. We hope to come back to your island again soon and will be sure to look you up. I have to a number of friends already to use your service. Cheers.

Joe F. via email

You are a great couple! Thank you, Joe!

Great customer service! The Mustang was clean and comfortable!

Highly recommend to anyone

that doesn’t want to deal with big name agencies and that wants Aloha Spirit!

Great rental company. Professional.

Nice cars and fantastic rates

will and am booking again.

Aloha! Thank you, we were very happy with the car and service. We appreciate your help and would use your services again.

Daniel via email

Easy, fast, and convenient!

You cannot rent a car for any cheaper on the island

Not to mention the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. I will definitely use Envy rent again when I’m back in town.

Amazing, you guys are awesome. I’ll get a review up on yelp too but 

I was very happy with the service, the price, and the convenience

Jeff A. via email

All went well. Car was great and Tim was very polite and helpful. It’s a pity the drop off in the afternoon got mixed up but no drama and all worked out in the end.

Glenn D. via email

Everything went well, I really enjoyed the ride. It was great experiencing how it felt like to drive a BMW.

Laura I. via email

We like BMWs much!

The BMW was fun to drive. The power steering started making done noise after the second day of driving it. I mentioned it to the guys when I returned it. Looking forward to getting another car from you guys.

Anton R. via email

Hi, the car is awesome, you guys making good things, thanks a lot. BMW 650 also is good, i like it. I think you can buy some new cars for a park, its gonna be cool.

Kirill A. via email

Aloha! Everything was excellent, your convertible Volvo and your staff! Will definitely recommend! Thank you!

Olga S. via emailX134 photo 2016 10 27 11 51 36

The ride was very well. Smooth transactions and service. We’re possibly interested in purchasing that Sienna :)

Michele Moore via email

Thanks, Michele, for purchasing that Sonata :-)

Amazing service! Site was easy to book and make payment.

They will actually drop the car off and pick it up for you!

Really made our honeymoon even more that special.

Absolutely nothing you can do better! Guys, you were great! Kelly, David, Brianna and Ilya!

Carmella via email

From the time David picked us up from the airport, to when he dropped us back off the whole experience was 5 stars.

David and Lena took great care of us and

we couldn’t imagine using anyone else

when we come back. Great work team!

Literally saved my vacation!

Another car rental place,

Enterprise, screwed us over

and the car we ordered was not available. I found Envy on Yelp and saved over $50 renting from Envy instead. This was honestly the best rental experience that I have ever had.

5-star review

is an understatement with Envy.

We stayed at Four Seasons Oahu Ko Olina and booked a rental via online. At pick-up, I signed the paperwork and the whole process took about five minutes.

Other rental companies don’t even come close in Hawaii!

We had an absolute blast!

We loved every moment from the start to finish

Your staff was amazing and thank you for offering such a diverse group of vehicles which caters for car enthusiasts like myself.

Ersan A. via email

Ok, sounds good enough. I’ll try it:
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