Audi A4 2011

Power moonroof
10 speakers
22–30 mpg

The 2011 Audi A4’s handling is neutral and secure. It manages to match the acceleration of its competitors while simultaneously offering impressive fuel economy and the reassurance of all-wheel drive. In terms of driving, the A4 does a commendable job of balancing ride and handling, placing it somewhere in the middle of the comfort-to-sport spectrum.

The 2011 A4’s cabin is one of the nicest in its class. Surfaces are soft and nicely textured, with the standard leather upholstery. Add to it a decent-sized backseat and trunk and the A4’s cabin is suitably practical as well. Plus, it looks pretty darn snazzy with its aggressively tapered roof line.

Envy factor
22−30 mpg
Material color
[["Seats", 5], ["Transmission", "Automatic"], ["Consumption", "22−30 mpg"], ["Interior", "Leather"], ["Material color", "Beige"]]

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Tilt and telescopic steering wheel with audio and cruise controls

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Ten-speaker sound system with a CD player, MP3 player, satellite radio and an auxiliary audio jack
Air conditioning with automatic temperature control
Eight-way power front seats
One-touch power windows and mirrors

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