How to rent a car and have fun in Honolulu

Most of beautiful places on Oahu have good roads. Unfortunatelly public buses don't go everywhere and taxi is expensive. For example taxi from airport to Waikiki will cost at least $40. We recommend to rent a car with delivery to airport and travel around island by yourself. Most shops and parks have free parking lots.

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Kailua Beach
Prime spot for kayaking and white sand. Parking lot, restrooms, showers and lifeguards. A lot of cafees and restaraunts in five minutes driving. To pick all needed stuff and drive in comfort take SUV car or truck
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Hot ride and perfect vacation
Kailua Beach
Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa
Aulani, a Disney
Resort & Spa
Food courts and peaceful bays for quiet vacation with children and parents. To travel with family take 7-seated car
Children under 4 years old must travel in a child restraint. Persons age 4 through 17 must be belted.
Waikiki Beach
The most famous beach in Honolulu. Waikiki offers restaurants, shopping, surfing and partying. To impress people take convertible car
Makiki Heights drive
Curvy road in mountains offers marvellous panoramic view of Honolulu. Perfect spot to take photos. Makiki Valley Park is good for hiking and wandering in the forest. To travel with friends and get through woods take off-road car
Hanauma Bay
Scuba diving and snorkeling around coral reefs. See turtles, yellow tangs, angel fish, butterfly fish, trumpet fish and Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, which is the state fish of Hawaii. To drive shore roads with the breeze take sport car
Now pick the dates to rent a car in Honolulu:
Actual car
Select and get the actual car from the photo
Free delivery
Rent for more than one day to get free delivery
Unlimited mileage
Feel free drive whereever you want on Oahu
No cleaning fee
We don't mind sand in our cars. It's Hawaii ;-)
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